About Us

Vegetarian and vegan food can trace its beginning from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The
church has the rule that said everyone must not eat meat, dairy products or use any animal
product on their food on twice a week on every Wednesday and Fridays. People fast for Easter
holiday for two months and observe the tradition set by the church by using only vegetarian based
products for food for the duration’s. Vegetarian and vegan food is grown locally used by restaurants
cooked freshly to be served to the Customers freshly. All the vegetables are sourced locally and
must be used on the same day as they are going to lose their taste if they are not used the same
Foods are cooked with all the natural ingredients that are made from plant based So Ethiopian
restaurant in London that specializes in traditional Ethiopian vegan food. Our menu is alive with
truly delicious and healthy seasonal food, all served in a beautiful setting. Everything on the menu
is 100 per cent vegan.The restaurant is to serve the local community with inspiring exotic dishes


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